The Mice (How They're Made)

The Mouse Mansion is inhabited by hundreds of mice! Every single one is hand made. It took a lot of research before they looked the way they do now. The first designs were all wrong; they mice looked more like bears, the second designs resembled dogs. Finally, after a year of experimenting the designs were finished. Sheep-wool and cotton turned out to be the perfect materials for the mice.

Sam is actually made out of the same fabric as Julia, but the other side of the textile. Julia is a very athletic type - so she's quite slim. Her fur is smooth. Sam has a more temperate personality. He doesn't like to run or do sports en that's why his fur is softer and his body bigger. The designs of the mice show their personalities!

The mice have to be able to stand up straight and hold their arms in specific positions. Thats why all mice have a skeleton made of wire. This wire can be bend in different positions and this makes it possible for the mice to sit down. Clever, right?

The mice don't have fingers, so they are unable to grab hold of things. So how do we have them hold stuff in the books? Don't tell anyone, but we just use a piece of double sided tape :)

Many people ask us for a pattern of the mice. Unfortunately, we are not telling anyone!!  It is after all the secret ingredient of the Mouse Mansion ;)