Did you know you can visit The Mouse Mansion on two locations in Amsterdam? There is a big Mouse Mansion decor exhibited in the Central Library. Besides this, we have opened our own Mouse Mansion shop & studio where you can admire the rest of the Mouse Mansion decors.


The Mouse Mansion - shop & studio

We have opened up shop in the center of Amsterdam! Here you can see the decors that are built especially for the book series such as the circus, the theatre, the harbour and the fun fair. You can also learn how they are made and ask questions to the creators. And of course you will be able to buy the books (in several languages) and other Mouse Mansion goodies.


The Mouse Mansion at the Central Library

This impressive structure is two meters wide and three meters high! It consists of more than a hundred rooms, hallways, factories and shops. It took Karina Schaapman years to built. The first book in the Mouse Mansion series is photographed exclusively in this decor. It is on exhibition permanently on the youth section of the Central Library in Amsterdam.