Meet Sam and Julia

Sam and Julia live in a wonderful place called The Mouse Mansion. Julia lives up on the sixth floor at the back, in a tiny apartment with her mum. She has no dad, no brothers, no sisters, no grandma and no grandpa. Julia is super nosy and very naughty. She gets bored easily and is always on the lookout for adventure.

Sam lives in the very middle of The Mouse Mansion, at the front. He lives with his dad, his mum, his brothers and his sisters. He has two grandpas and two grandmas, a couple of aunts and an uncle. Sam is super shy and very obedient. When Sam is with Julia he does things that he would never dare to do on his own.

Sometimes, Sam has too much of something and Julia doesn’t have enough. Other times, Julia has too much of something and Sam doesn’t have enough. Luckily, they are the best of friends, so they share everything.

Sam and Julia share many experiences. Like when Sam mother got triplets! It was very busy at home when Sam’s brothers and sister were new-born. Sam and Julia helped his mother with changing diapers, feeding the babies and bathing them. It’s a lot of work, but very exciting!

Sometimes mice have bad luck. Like when Julia fell off her scooter and broke her leg. She got a cast in the hospital. Sam came to visit and gave her a cuddly toy to cheer her up. Another time Julia was struck with chicken-pox! Fortunately, Julia has a joyful personality and never loses her spirit!

Julia loves:

  • Playing outside

  • Scary stories

  • Building things

  • Searching for treasures

Sam loves:

  • Playing the trumpet

  • Reading

  • Playing in his secret cubby

  • Making pancakes

Sam and Julia also play with the other children that live in The Mouse Mansion. We will introduce them all in articles to come!