There are so many delicious treats in the Mouse Mansion! The bakery sells sweet pastries and there's a candy-stand at the fun fair with tons of sweets. Most candies and cakes are made from fimo-clay. This clay comes in many different colors and becomes rock-hard when you bake it in the oven. The candy canes at the candy-stand are made by twisting three different colored strings of clay around each other.

We used actual candy-wrappers for other small sweets. We just cut out a very small piece and wrapped it around a bead. It certainly was no punishment to collect all the candy wrappers ;)

If you google your favorite candy brands, you might be able to find pictures of their wrappers. If you minimize the size of the image and print it, you can use it for your own candy-shop. That's what we did with the Hershey bars in the picture above. Wrap a tiny piece of cardboard with tin foil, and fold your mini-wrapper around the bar. Looks great!

Making clay vegetables and cakes may look difficult to do, but it really isn't! If you'd like, we can produce a video in which we show you all the steps. Let us know in the comments!