Meet the Ragman!

One of the main characters who returns in every book is the Ragman. He is Sam's uncle, and he has his workshop in the front of the Mouse Mansion. Sam and Julia regularly visit him.

The Ragman collects old rags, paper and metal in his workshop. Every day he goes door to door with his cart. His call is well known: 'Rags, rags, who wants to get rid of their rags?'. Sometimes, someone answers his call: 'Wait! I have some garbage you can have'. The Ragman stops and takes the items. 'Garbage doesn't exist!,' he always reminds the mice, because for every kind of material, the Ragman knows a second life.

Sam and Julia love visiting the Ragman. He taught them how to sort the different materials. Sometimes, Sam and Julia climb on a huge pile of old paper and fish out books or newspapers. Sometimes the books or newspapers are over twenty years old!

Every now and then, the Ragman gets stuff that is still too beautiful to recycle. He passes the furniture and books on to his brother, who deals in antiques. And sometimes, he will let Sam and Julia sell some things to earn some extra pocket money. That's how Sam and Julia learn about the history of things!

Did you know that the Mouse Mansion was built from recycled materials? We live by the Ragman's motto: Garbage doesn't exist!