The Making of the Fair II

Last week we wrote an article on ‘the making of’ the fun fair. This is the second part!

Let's start with the Haunted House. It consists of an outside and an inside. The outside is a cardboard box that was covered with a layer of papier mache. After that, Karina painted faux-rocks on the walls, just like real Haunted Houses. The prison-bars were made from skewers, and the skeletons are keychains that we found in a Halloween-shop. Funny, right?

The dragon that is sitting on top of the haunted house was made from tin-foil and papier mache. Karina made not just one, but three different dragons! The first two turned out way too scary for a children’s book. That's why she chose the third dragon, which has a kinder appearance.

Tom built the inside of the haunted house. The little carts were made from a toilet paper roll and papier mache. The wheels were made from beads.

The hanging bridge was made from some pieces of wood that were tied together. The sea-monster was modelled from clay. After the haunted house, we started on the candy stalls. Tom made a cotton candy-machine from an empty tin of cat food! Lili made the cotton candy from pink sheep’s wool. The stalls were made from wood. To learn how Lili filled the stalls with candies, click here.

When all the sets were finished, we organized an audition for the mice. We had already made up the stories, but we still needed the right mouse for the right character. Then we started making test-photos of all the scenes with a mobile phone. We put these photos next to the text in the computer so that we could figure out if we needed a landscape picture or a portrait. When we knew exactly what we wanted, our photographer, Allard Bovenberg, came to our studio with all his equipment. He has a very special technique for lighting a room; he darkens the room completely and then shines several flashlights on the sets he wants to photograph.

Then the graphic designers came in and made the text and photographs ready for printing. Our Publisher Rubinstein checked for final errors and spelling mistakes and then it was sent to the printer! It was a lot of work, but super fun to do. The book has been for sale for two weeks now, and we have already started building decors for the new book. We just can’t sit still!

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