These days Karina is not alone in her efforts to spread the philosophy behind The Mouse Mansion. Since 2015 her four children are a large part of this journey. Family run business The Mouse Mansion Company is actively pursuing dreams of introducing Sam, Julia and their neighbours to the whole world.

Creator of The Mouse Mansion. Karina has been building the world of The Mouse Mansion for thirteen years. She rarely takes a break, but look at what she has created...

Tom is an artist. Together with Karina he designes and creates the Mouse Mansion decors. Together with sister Manita he also photographs them for the book series.

Ian is the driving force behind The Mouse Mansion Company's business decisions. He's always looking for beautiful collaborations that enrich the brand.

Manita is The Mouse Mansion's creative force. She develops all toys and other products. She is also the heart of the The Mouse Mansion online community.

Lili produces and stars in all the The Mouse Mansion's DIY video’s. And not only that, she is also responsible for the company's financial administration and the management of the The Mouse Mansion Mini Museum in Amsterdam.