Welcome to The Mouse Mansion!

The Mouse Mansion is a creation by Karina Schaapman and was built as a set for her series of children's books. The books tell the adventures of best friends Sam en Julia. Together they discover the many rooms of the Mouse Mansion and meet its inhabitants. The first part of the series was published in 2011 in The Netherlands and became an instant succes internationally. The books have been translated in over 27 languages. Find a copy in your language in our shop!

The Mouse Mansion on TV!

The Mouse Mansion will be on TV! Rubinstein Pictures has just released the first teaser for you to enjoy. We can't wait for the animated series to be finished next year. As soon as we know when and where it will be broadcasted, we will let you know here on the website.

The Mouse Mansion Furniture Kits

Would you like to build your own Mouse Mansion? We now have furniture kits available to help you along! The furnitures are designed by Karina herself so they match the style of the original Mouse Mansion. Check out our YouTube channel where Lili will explain you the ins and outs of creating a Mouse Mansion from scratch, using mostly scrap materials. Happy building!


Play with Sam & Julia in the App!

Did you know there is now a Mouse Mansion App? Discover the Mouse Mansion on you tablet or smartphone! Everybody is welcome in The Mouse Mansion. Young or old - there is something to do for everyone. The youngest will enjoy listening to stories and music, while older kids can wander through the many rooms of the Mouse Mansion. In the interactive stories Julia falls down the stairs and has to visit the hospital and Sam learns to recognise the sounds of different instruments and plays the violin. Find the app in your App Store!


Visit The Mouse Mansion in Amsterdam!

Come visit our Mouse Mansion Shop & Studio in the centre of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In the shop we have several Mouse Mansion sets on display, such as the fun fair, the circus and the theatre. You can take a peak in the studio and learn how the Mouse Mansion is made. Of course we have Mouse Mansion toys and books available (in English, French, German and Spanish) for you to take home. Hope to see you soon!

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