In our book Het theater Sam is on stage. Did you know there is a Mouse Mansion play in theatres now? Sam and Julia star in the play that is based on their adventures in the books of The Mouse Mansion series. The play is called Sam & Julia op reis and is performed by a Dutch theatre group throughout The Netherlands.

Sam and julia:
theatre favourites

Grandpa Sailor tells some tall tales... Based on these adventures Sam and Julia partake in an imaginary voyage around the world. Travel to Mexico, South-Africa and Indonesia with your mouse friends. Get to know mice from different cultures whilst listening to the upbeat songs sung by well known performer Abke Bruins. 


The play Het Muizenhuis: Sam & Julia op reis was created by 2-ater Productions. They were inspired by the books in The Mouse Mansion series, created by Karina Schaapman.
The play was directed by Mark Haayema and is performed by Sam, Julia and Abke Bruins.

Suitable for children aged 3 and over.
The show lasts approximately 40 minutes.