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About Karina Schaapman

The Mouse Mansion is the creation of Karina Schaapman (The Netherlands, 1960). In 2008 she decided to make a children's book. Not with illustrations, but with pictures of scenes from her Mouse Mansion. For three years she built the Mouse Mansion, which is now on display in the Public Library in Amsterdam. For each subsequent book, she built more dioramas, such as a theatre, circus, a fair, and even a harbour. Would you like to know more about the making of the Mouse Mansion, the backgrounds and about Karina? Download this leaflet!

About our family company

In 2015 Karina started a family business with her four children. Within this family business, everyone has different tasks. Tom, for example, helps building the Mouse Mansion and is creatively involved in product development. Ian is the business mastermind and is constantly looking for new collaborations and protects the course of our company. Manita is involved in product development, e-commerce and design. Lili produces content for our (social media) channels and is involved in marketing and finance. Together we also run the Mouse Mansion - Shop & Studio in the Jordaan in Amsterdam.

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Rights, Licensing and TV

The rights of The Mouse Mansion are fully owned by the Schaapman family. In cooperation with partners such as & Blitz, Global Affairs and Bon Ton Toys, we make licensed products. We sell these products in our shop, webshop and wholesale and through our distribution abroad. We are also working on the production of an international (animated) TV series.

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About our DIY products

After the publication of the first Mouse Mansion book, fanmail flooded in; from all over the world we received photos of children, adults, schools and families who had built their own Mouse Mansion. There were also many questions: How do you make a couch? How do you lay a floor? And what do you use to plaster the walls? From this question came the mission of our company: we want every child to build their own Mouse Mansion. That's why we develop products that help with this, such as Furniture kits and Prints.

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