Sam & Julia ON TV

Watch Sam & Julia come to life in the animated TV series!

Coming from a distant island, Julia, a cute and energetic little mouse, has moved into The Mouse Mansion where she feels a bit like a stranger. There she meets Sam, a welcoming and crafty little mouse. Julia's only family is her mom. Sam on the contrary has a large family with a mom, dad and six siblings. Despite their different personalities, they soon become the best of friends and inseparable. Sam helps his new little neighbor friend to get used to her new life. The funny adventures they experience in and around the safe and caring universe of The Mouse Mansion allow Julia to become ever more integrated into this new environment. Even though she sometimes feels nostalgic about the beautiful and warm island where she was born and misses, she feels more at home day after day, surrounded by her new neighbors and friends.



France 5 - Monday to Friday at 9:02 a.m.: 2 episodes